The paper is out!

Anna’s paper that completes her post-doctoral work was recently published in G3: Genes Genomes Genetic in December 2014.  Take a look if you have a chance!

Welcome Michelle and Sam!

The Allen lab has welcomed two new graduate students to the lab this past week. Michelle obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas in 2010.  She has some familiarity with C. elegans because while at TCU she participated in a research project that used C. elegans to determine the best… Continue reading Welcome Michelle and Sam!

Dr. Allen receives HU-ADVANCE IT mini-grant

Dr. Allen just received her second Mini-Grant through the Howard University ADVANCE-IT program! HU ADVANCE-IT supports women in STEM faculty through Education, Advocacy, and Empowerment.  This is a $3.4 million dollar ADVANCE Institutional Transformation award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to advance the careers of women faculty in STEM.   The leadership team at HU… Continue reading Dr. Allen receives HU-ADVANCE IT mini-grant

We have a new lab website

The Allen lab decided to join the modern world and now have our own lab website set up.  Check back here frequently for updates on the lab, the research, and the people.

Congratulations Ruby!

Ruby received  Honorable Mention in the 2014 NSF GRFP (Graduate Research Fellowship Program) Competition!  We in the lab are very proud of her accomplishment and all the hard work she put in on her proposal. Way to go Ruby!  

Spinning disk microscope coming to Howard!

 Dr. Allen has received an Equipment and Instrumentation Grant from the Department of Defense to purchase a spinning disk fluorescent confocal microscope for the Biology Department.  This microscope will be used by Dr. Allen and other members of the Howard community for both their research and training purposes.