Dr. Lourds Michelle Fernando

Congratulations are in order to Dr. Fernando! She successfully defended her PhD dissertation today. Michelle gave an amazing presentation that thoroughly impressed all of her committee members, and her very proud mentor.

Michelle will be heading off to St. Jude’s Research Hospital in early 2021 to start a post-doctoral fellowship in mouse neurodevelopment. Can’t wait to see all that she accomplishes once there!

The Allen Lab Spring 2020

This was a really, really unusual semester. From March on, the lab was spread out all across the country. We stayed in contact from DC, MD, VA to California and St. Lucia! But today we had our final Zoom lab meeting to chat and say “bye”. I missing seeing everyone in person. Hopefully we’ll be back in the lab and on campus soon.

Micropublication 2020- Loss of proteasome subunit RPN-12 causes an increased mean lifespan at a higher temperature in C. elegans

We had a micro publication accepted and published today. This is work that was originally started with the generation of a mutant rpn-12 strain in Andy Golden’s lab by Tyler Hansen. And continued with the follow-up experiments by an undergraduate in the Allen lab Victoria Nguyen and graduate student Michelle Fernando. Congrats to all the authors!

March 13, 2020- Temporary closure of lab due to COVID-19

Like labs around the country and around the world, the Allen lab has been temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the in-person research has been shut down, everyone is trying to be productive working from home. Michelle is busy trying to write-up her RPN-12 story for publication. Benedict and Taina are busy using this time to read more about their areas of research and take some online training courses.

Welcome Taina!

The Allen lab welcomes Taina to the lab! She’s a first year graduate student in the Department of Biology at Howard University. She’ll be joining Team Proteasome in the lab and working to elucidate the role of individual proteasome subunits in C. elegans reproduction.

Allen Lab is recruiting new graduate students!

The Allen laboratory will have space for a new graduate student (or two) starting in Fall 2020. If you are interested in working in the reproduction field and using the amazing model system C. elegans, please contact Anna at anna.allen@howard.edu. We have lots of interesting projects to investigate, current funding for that research (thank you NIH and DoD) and a really good local C. elegans community. Baltimore Worm Club rocks!